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Untold-Truth is a premium unisex jewelry brand founded by Tom Watson while on his travels to Bali from London, UK to leave his ‘normal life’ in search of something more; authenticity. Inspired to create a life on his terms without the persuasion of society's opinions.

"For me, it was about creating a platform through my jewelry, where the new generation could connect and feel inspired to create the life they want'

With heavy influence from nostalgic feelings and inspiration from the 60 till the late 90s. Untold Truth is more than just a brand, it's timeless jewelry that represents our own authenticity, without following the crowd of trends. Our jewelry style leans towards modern take on vintage aesthetics, creating our own unique look.

Handcrafted in Bali

What sets us apart from other brands is that each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted in the heart of Bali, one by one; using secret traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation, by some of the most skilful silversmiths in the world, giving each piece its own unique character and meaning...

Behind the designs

"Create what's not there" not what is. A motto we live by... At Untold-Truth we always wanted to create something we loved that felt authentic to us, without following trends or trying to fit in. We try to make each design with our own unique twist, pushing the boundaries of unisex jewelry.



We stand by authenticity and don't follow trends, we believe in making something unique to us without trying to fit in. We carry authenticity not just in our products but in our approach to life.


We care about how our jewelry is made, from every stage of the process, that's why our jewelry is made in Bali, where we work with some of the most skilful silversmiths passed down through generations to make handcrafted jewelry you won't find anywhere else


Untold-Truth is more than a brand. It's a creative platform that allows us to connect with others. 'Here at UT, we want to build a community of likeminded people who share similar values, a movement for those who won't accept the 9-5 as a norm'


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